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Hey Lovers,

We missed you too. We’re very please to announce that The Love is Back. Please join us at the Coliseum Grounds and Oracle Arena that night as we come together for the next evolution of one of America’s best gatherings of dance, music, community, and conscious celebration on September 24th, 2011. It’s a new location and elevated production, but the same event intentions you know and love. International and local talent alike, community produced stages showcasing every shade of dance music to create a special gathering to spread the values of diversity, tolerance, respect, unity, peace – and yes Love !

It’s LovEvolution, and yes we’ve evolved again. Trust us that we’d like nothing better than to be dancing down Market St and into Civic Center plaza again in San Francisco too. Those were amazing times and if you were there you witnessed party history that is not likely to be again. We outgrew Civic Center Plaza and as you know had to take off last year when a suitable location did not present itself in time. Our new Oakland location provides for lots of space for all the crews we want to involve in this community produced event, it provides room to grow as we want to ensure we have an event site that works with our evolution to put on an amazing production, provides on site BART access and parking so it’s easy to reach from around the entire Bay Area, provides an on site location for an epic after party in Oracle Arena that will be produced by Skills, and we have an excellent chance for a beautiful day under the sun.

Trust that we will do everything we can to make it epic and vibe-tastic, as the Love event has never just been about a party, but a movement of the dance music culture and a forum to express our greatest selves. As always, a portion of proceeds will benefit a number of local and international non-profit groups.
Let there be Dance, and Let there be Love.

Our Values and Intentions

LovEvolution exists to produce a celebration of the highest forms of electronic music culture and technology, in the belief that dance promotes peace, love, unity and respect.

The purpose of this organization is to serve the electronic dance music community by organizing public events, presenting electronic art forms, generating funds to support artistic development, advancing music education & production, as well as the right to dance and educating the public regarding the rights and contributions of our community.

Dance music has always had a special ability to bring people together in the shared beauty of a universal vibe. Our community by and large remains ‘underground’ in U.S. pop culture due to very little support from radio and MTV, etc. We know that in a culture awash in conflict, materialism, superficial concerns, and greed, an event of this kind can lift the spirits and the hopes of those who to surrender to it’s power. The power of dance. The power of music. The power of community.We gather to inspire and motivate social action by us, the youth, the people who will inherit this mess and have to do something about it to turn the tide. We intend to make the event a platform for dance music to reach more ears in America and beyond, to carry a message of love and hope, to be a vehicle for helping organizations doing good in the world, and for dancing our asses off surrounded by friendly freaks.

LovEvolution is dedicated to giving back to the community, here is a list of organizations we have helped in the past -

  • Access Women’s Health Rights Coalition
  • AIDS Emergency Fund
  • Aids Housing Alliance
  • Bay Positives
  • Beat University Electronic Music Scholarship Fund
  • Breast Cancer Emergency Fund
  • Cloud Factory Collective for the Arts
  • Dance stages at Pink Saturday, 2010, 2011
  • Dance stages at SF Pride 2010, 2011
  • Fingersnaps Art & DJ Collective
  • Flux Summit
  • Friends of the San Francisco Public Library
  • Gay Men’s Chorus
  • LGBT Historical Society Exhibit on SF Gay Clubs
  • NextAid
  • Opulent Temple Camp @ Burning Man – 2010, 2011
  • Site and Sound