parking tips

Please note that parking onsite is managed through the Coliseum/Oracle Arena, and we do not have say in parking fees.

We know they’re high and we hope you don’t pay them !  Also, the venue security will not allow ‘tail gating’, so be aware.


If you must drive, we suggest you carpool to split costs.  You can park at any BART station in the East Bay for free on Saturdays, so park at a BART station and take BART from there to save money.  (The Coliseum BART station parking lot is the sweet spot of course but is expected to fill up fast.  Try other stations along the route with good parking lots such as Ashby, West Oakland, etc)

…or of course, just help the environment and take BART from your nearest location.


Please be mindful of the surrounding neighborhoods, and do not park illegally in anyone’s driveway or create a nuisance.

We are all ambassadors for this event, so let’s not forget to share the love.

Parking Lots in the Surrounding Area:

Park n Fly
82 98th AvenueOakland, CA 94603
(510) 633-0889 2.2 miles

303 Hegenberger rd
(510) 430-2700 1.6 miles

10001 Doolittle Drive, Oakland, CA
(510) 638-7272 2.6 miles

Quick Park
250 hegenberger rd, Oakland, Ca
(800) 978-7275 1.9 miles

145 98th ave, Oakland, Ca
(510) 636-1075 2.3 miles

FastTrack Airport Parking
8350 Pardee Drive, Oakland, CA
(510) 686-2520 2.3 Miles

Expresso Airport Parking
880 Doolittle Drive, San Leandro, CA
(800) 820-8626 3.9 miles

Ace Parking
250 Hegenberger RoadOakland, CA 94621-1436
(510) 569-0101 1.8 miles