If you are interested in volunteering please send an e mail to volunteer@sflovevolution.org


Promotions and Marketing

Help us get out the word out about LovEvolution in your area, both on line and at the street level.

Medical Volunteers

LovEvolution is a non-profit organization based on community, and a community needs help keeping safe and healthy when things just go a little south of right. In that spirit LovEvolution is seeking medical volunteers to help with first aid and taking care of our own community. Medical volunteers will be out working with the crowds so you’ll still have plenty of time to wander and listen to some great music. So what does it take to be a volunteer? You need to be a currently licensed EMT, Paramedic, Nurse, or Doctor and have a willingness to volunteer your time. Volunteers will be working side by side with LovEvolution’s allied partners for advanced life support and clinical care, so you’ll have extra helping hands when you need it.

To volunteer or for more information, email medical (at) sflovevolution (dot) org.

Float/Parade Coordination

Ever wonder what it takes to put on an actual parade?. Perhaps you are one of those people who wants to do a little more than just sit on a float. Well here is your chance. Help us organize the parade line-up, manage the floats, supervise the assembly area, and run the parade.


Help run and manage the festival site from top to bottom. From putting up barricades to helping at the gates to keeping an eye on the vibe and helping security. No job is too large or small for us.

Community Partner

Help LovEvolution locate like-minded not for profit/community service organizations who would like to raise funds for their organization and LovEvolution through taking part in the Parade and Festival.


Helping us run the VIP area.